Site Update Complete – Vers. 7.0

Well, it looks like the latest reconstruction of the site is finally completed. Everything has been redone. The photo retouching and photo illustration/collage areas now include a before and after slider to better demonstrate the work done on the images. There are desktop, tablet, and phone versions now that should make mobile viewing much more enjoyable. I’ve reactivated the Frank game should any of the kids like to try it (get there by clicking on the game image in the previous post below). If you have a moment, let us know what you think. Site design and execution (as always) by LePine Studios.


A Most Heartfelt Thank You!

I wanted to take a moment and post a most heartfelt thank you to Walter Ketcham of Adhub and Glenda Rogers Stocco of the Illustrators’ Partnership of America. They both went well out of their way to assist and guide me in a matter concerning copyright issues with a what could have been a nice project. Though the project seems to have fallen through, I feel that I was able to represent myself and my position so much stronger with the knowledge and experience imparted upon me by Walter and Glenda. They stood to make no personal gains from the time and patience they gave me. They did it purely from the goodness of their hearts and I just wanted to say again: THANK YOU!

I think anyone in advertising or illustration would immensely benefit from visiting (and joining) Adhub and the Illustrators’ Partnership. I’m going to post a link to their respective sites so that you might find them quicker than I. These are two really great people as are their organizations:


The Illustrators’ Partnership of America:

Frank Games

Considering removing the link to the Frank Games until I figure out its life a little more thoroughly (maybe giving it its own website). Not sure just yet if it’s more a distraction or an enhancement to the LePine Studios website. If you want to play it while it’s still up click on the image:

Frank Games Link (click the image) -- *Requires Flash

Seems a Yearly Thing

I’ve got to get more involved with this blog, I know. Well, what was the ‘low bandwidth’ site has been completely rewritten and rebadged as the non-Flash version of the LePine Studios website. It feels very much like the Flash version. So much so that I almost question keeping the Flash version …almost. But for now, they’re all up and running. Besides, Frank is Flash and I don’t think I could convert it yet.

I will make it a point to be more attentive to the blog (which has also been given a facelift). Let’s see where this year takes us.

Spring Cleaning

The main (flash) website has been updated with a few new images sprinkled throughout. Versions of the site have been built and ported for iPad viewers as well as iPod/iPhone viewers. The low resolution site has been redirected to the iPad site, as it serves the common purpose.

The same goes for the website: updated with new imagery along with an iPad porting.

Website update

I’m in the process of completing a few tweaks to the website (adding description text to illustrations and instructional text within the retouch area), as well as adding a few new images to the portfolio. Once I have the bugs worked out, I’ll upload the beast and let it go live.